Saturday, October 18, 2014

Instead of Mr. Hare, Mr. Tortoise is the Trickster

In the previous story, instead of Mr. Hare renaming himself "Everyone" in order to get all the food, it's Mr. Tortoise who does, and his misadventure is the reason he has a hard shell today.

African Spurred Tortoise
So the story goes that Mr. Tortoise, along with the animals of the jungle were invited to the sky to attend the wedding of Mr. Hippo's daughter who was marrying the son of the sky god. On their way to the sky (dispatched on a rainbow) Mr. Tortoise told all the animals that it would be a good thing to rename themselves with cool, funky names and impress the sky dwellers. For himself he picked, "All of you" but the other animals only laughed, seeing no cool point.

Mr. Hare becomes "Everyone"

Normally the title of this story would be something like: How Mr. Hare Became "Everyone," or "How Mr. Hare renamed himself to get all the food" but for this blog I've revised it a little bit. In other versions, "Everyone" is replaced with "All of you."

hare & moon
Once upon a time, Mr. Hare and the animals of the forest were invited to a wedding in the sky. The daughter of Mr. Hippo had fallen in love with the son of the sky god, and the ceremony was to take place in the heavens. All the earth creatures were invited to the wedding. A rainbow was organized to fetch them from earth up to the sky and also return them safely to their homes once the celebrations were over. While the animals were heading to the wedding, Mr. Hare devised a plan.