Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mr. Hare becomes "Everyone"

Normally the title of this story would be something like: How Mr. Hare Became "Everyone," or "How Mr. Hare renamed himself to get all the food" but for this blog I've revised it a little bit. In other versions, "Everyone" is replaced with "All of you."

hare & moon
Once upon a time, Mr. Hare and the animals of the forest were invited to a wedding in the sky. The daughter of Mr. Hippo had fallen in love with the son of the sky god, and the ceremony was to take place in the heavens. All the earth creatures were invited to the wedding. A rainbow was organized to fetch them from earth up to the sky and also return them safely to their homes once the celebrations were over. While the animals were heading to the wedding, Mr. Hare devised a plan.
He told everyone that it would be a good idea if they all got new names to impress the heavenly creatures. For himself, he said he would like to be called "Everyone." The animals laughed, wondering how such a name could charm anybody. The Elephant said he was happy remaining Mr. Elephant, and soon, all the other animals saw no point in renaming himself. Mr. Hare thereafter insisted that for himself, he would be "Everyone."

Soon they arrived and were taken to a special room on the side of the bride where a lot of food was brought: barbecue meat, cured fish, shrimps, smoked lobster and crabs. Big dishes, trays and saucepans were put before the earth creatures and the waiters said, "This is for everyone, please enjoy." To the guests dismay, Mr. Hare said, "that's me fellas, your own food will be coming shortly." He dug into the food with relish, letting the special sauce run down his paws. He ate noisily, smacking his lips, saying how the food was very delicious, how he had never eaten anything like it before. He even started belching and farting, and when the other animals begged him to have a little, he said, "you heard for yourselves, they addressed me personally and said this food was mine. I told you to get names and you refused, now see." And he was right, at least that's what the other animals felt.

Eventually, other guests on the grooms side were given their food and drinks. Speeches commenced, blessings were poured on the new couple, and the dance officially opened. Mr. Hare even managed to dance with the bride. He had gone through the food steadily, leaving only a little meat on the bones, which the other animals scrambled for when he took to the dance floor. When the bride asked Mr. Hare why the other animals were looking sad and not dancing, Mr. Hare said they had eaten a lot and were too full to rise. In addition, Mr. Hare said they were already missing her now that she was going to stay in the sky with her husband. The bride was touched by this kind sentiment, and thanked Mr. Hare for conveying the message.

When the wedding ceremony ended, the earth dwellers went down in haste, and once they touched the ground started looking for food while Mr. Hare massaged his tummy and snored loudly in his sleep.

The End.  

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